Candles - aka Mood Setters.

Years before sending a love heart on Tinder was considered sufficient, people used candles to create a romantic mood. Along with being useful during power failures, light a candle and ta-dah! You’ve got instant atmosphere – and not just for romance. This is particularly handy when guests are on their way and you’re trying to conjure welcoming, relaxed vibes. Scented candles infuse a room with an extra dimension of “nice”, whereas tealights and pillars are perfect at the table when you don’t want anything too fragrant overpowering your dinner. For moments when a flickering flame isn’t going to suit, we also offer LED ‘candles’ – including gold and silver coloured LED tealights! Candles aside, a fashion candleholder is the interior stylist’s secret for filling just about any blank space… You can create a magazine-worthy vignette using tealight holders, dinner candle holders and or lanterns which are pretty – even without a flame inside. And nothing holds a candle to that!