Fake Plants | Real Style

Everybody agrees that nature is awesome, but fake plants are definitely also a thing! Gone are the times when ghastly, fluro-green plastic monstrosities sat collecting dust on the windowsill above the toilet. In 2018, it’s all about realistic-looking succulents, cacti, ferns and flowers in cute pots. They’re good on desks, bookshelves and ledges or in the bathroom. Emporium’s artificial plants come already potted and offer a compact burst of green that you really can’t kill. They’ll give your room a sense of life with no need for a watering schedule. But if you feeling like branching out with a real, living plant – we also do ceramic pots, hangers and planters that you can fill. Just place an already-potted plant inside, making sure the base is kept dry. You can easily remove the inner pot when your specimen needs a drink or some time in the sun.


  • Succulents like cacti, agaves and aloes tend to look convincing in fake from, as do ferns and grasses.
  • Sneak in some plastic fantastic amongst your real, natural indoor plants – it’ll be our naughty secret.
  • An artificial cactus makes a top Kris Kringle gift for Barbara in Accounts.
  • Real plants don’t really get dusty. Keep your fake ones fresh by blowing with a hairdryer on cold setting. Wipe with an unscented, alcohol-free baby wipe if you really need to.
  • Don’t water them. They won’t grow.