A clear winner.

You can’t go wrong with a simple glass vase. Filled with fresh or faux blooms, they’re timeless décor essentials that belong in every home. On a practical level, glass is watertight – making it perfect for your floral arrangement. This is unlike many decorative ceramic vases that may look pretty but are not actually designed for holding water. There are a few key types of vase to ready and waiting for your next bunch.

  • A narrow-necked, tall vase is perfect for displaying long stems from the florist, particularly those that aren’t too bushy. Just a few roses, tulips or banksias will do the trick.
  • For shorter stems that have rounder, larger flowers – a flared mouth vase tends to fit like Cinderella’s shoe. Hydrangeas and magnolias are popular choices here. Some people call these hourglass vases.
  • A short, squarish vase with a wide opening is great for not-too-long stems of foliage and blossoms cut fresh from the garden. Bouquets that need some width also look spectacular.
  • When it comes to a general-purpose option that also suits chunkier blooms like lilies, sunflowers and proteas – go for a classic cylindrical Also known as column vases. Emporium’s clear glass vases are shaped with these basic floristry principles in mind… But if doing it your way looks good, go for it! We won’t tell the Peony Police.